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Hey! I'm the first musician that applied to PokeCA and got accepted. Although I quit the project shortly before the game was complete, all of the contributions I made to the project remain in the game. The pieces I composed are as listed below.

Town Themes




Battle Themes

Vs. Team Tempest Grunt

Vs. Rival/Professor Cedar

Route Themes

Route 17

Sound Effects

Various (too lazy to write them all here lol)


Tempest Cathedral/Encounter Theme

Mother's Theme/Route 18



I'm a musician as well as a programmer.

To find my electronic compositions, visit: https://soundcloud.com/unity-paradox

To stalk me and talk to me, visit: https://twitter.com/UnityParadox

To watch my fricking lame videos of which I post usually once a month, visit: https://youtube.com/UnityParadoxPara

To find my PokeCA compositions, simply visit the resource pack's music folder.

Have a nice day, and happy listening!

~Para (Unity Paradox)

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