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Hi! I'm Pandawan

I'm a developer in both Minecraft and actual programming. I have been part of Phoenix Projects since the early stages of PokeCA (when it was all just a concept showcased by LogDotZip).

Anyways, I like to make games, and useful programs for people. Most of my projects are unfinished (one of my new year's resolution is to fix that, I CAN DO IT!) but that doesn't matter too much.

I have made some NPCs in PokeCA but have mostly worked on the whole Graphics/UI part of the shops, marketplaces and other areas where you can buy things (Shanewolf did the behind the scenes stuff).

I also made the Backup app (which is included with the map) and the MCBackup app, which are both Java tools to help you back up your maps.

If you want to chat, need help or anything, here are my social medias

Twitter (Preferred): @PandawanYT
YouTube: PandawanFr
GitHub: PandawanFr
Reddit: PandawanFr

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