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Hey, I'm MajorMushroom, animator of over half of #PokeCA's models and a staunch believer in the ability of animation, a completely underrated part of making models, to liven up modelling, a completely underrated part of mapmaking in general.

Currently, despite having finished work on the main body of #PokeCA, I am working on;

  • DLC content for the map (this is real and planned and will be here very soon!)

  • A new map, with the support of the Phoenix Projects team, recreating another well-loved Nintendo favourite

  • Some comprehensive tutorials covering the basics of animation from a visual and artistic (not just pragmatic) standpoint

Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow me @MushroomMajor - I don't post to either of them often, but when I do you know it'll be good!

(also, my DMs are always open for any modelling/animation queries or conundrums. Make my day interesting!)

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