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Hi. I am Ninja. You may know me for some of the models in this map... If you don't know me from that, then you probably know me from messing around in Phoenix's livestreams. In case you didn't read the part right before this part which is about what is following this.... I make models... I also build (didn't get credited at the end of the map, but eh... cant do anything about that), make music (sort of), draw, texture, code (a little, not much), and use the blocks that made up this map (command blocks). Since I have space, I will just list off the models that I made here: Calyx, Santrikos, Quintessence △, Fangdrawl, Zasuke, Permafloe, Bibbo, and Ternion. You might be thinking, "Only 8 models?!". Well, 1. These things do take a long times, 2. Animations... ugh... Curse you Ternion and your three month animation process! And 3. Let me list off the models that I fixed: Laviem, Katlin, Lascuscular, Fiendler, Fiendender, Whiffli, and probably 5 or so more that I can't remember. Not to mention the 2 stadiums that I built, but I can only remember Atramen. So next time you see one of those models or builds, you know who made them. It was I, the Ninja.

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