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Mathers, Team Tempest Leader, was an Archbishop in the Church of Arceus, raised in the Church, for the Church, and to serve the Church. He, however, saw the constant battling and fighting of trainers and the different teams tearing apart the world, and began to doubt his upbringing - he began to doubt his purpose. After word spread that a young child had found a Pokémon called Giratina, one only mentioned as a whisper in the doctrines of Arceus, Mathers began to do research into the Distortion World (antimatter), and found himself drawn deeper and deeper to it.

After word reached the Suliqu region that a child captured Arceus, Mathers self-excommunicated from the church and began searching for a new place to direct his desires. His interest in the Distortion World only increased from there as he learned that many more beings existed in the Distortion World, and that their intents were opposite that of Arceus. Mathers, seeking now to bring back the fallen victims of the previous evil teams, as the Church of Arceus viewed them as a "necessary evil", desired, initially, only to right the supposed wrongs that were so often allowed to occur. Thus, Team Tempest was formed, named after a storm, the righteous anger of a fallen Archbishop, named thus to mock the church of Arceus as they would only view his intents as a "natural disaster" to be taken no more seriously than any other simple storm.

In his studies into Distortion as a whole, Mathers learned of a place where there were strange weather phenomena: the small town of Chalet. He investigated with those drawn to his cause, and eventually found a lighthouse on a frozen beach. Upon further investigation, they discovered a weak point between the dimensions, a rift between the dimensions of order and chaos, caused by a creature who called Mathers further into the caves; as the Call of the Premier bathed the area, Mathers figured Premier a god, rather than a secret hidden away by Arceus. Through time, as the followers of Team Tempest grew, their ideals became less and less holy, but still grounded in righteousness, as their leader began to submit to the Call of the Premier, beginning to create Shadow Pokémon near the weak point between dimensions, until the rift was fully opened, and the shadow Pokémon were no longer necessary. At this point, a young child turns 15 years of age, and leaves home for the sake of becoming a Pokémon master…


After loading the map, select ‘NEW GAME’.

You will find yourself watching a news broadcast shot in Chalet Town, hosted by Professor Cedar, informing the world of Team Tempest’s latest movements.

“Archbishop Mathers has been spotted at Chalet Town in central Suliqu. Witnesses claim he was leading a team of cloaked men into an abandoned lighthouse off the coast of Terraloon’s frozen beach. Archeologists believe central Suliqu has been a site for consistent investigation of ancient Pokémon, and through time, has become an area of heightened interest for many authorities.”

At this point, the broadcast will be cut off by distant explosions.

Woman: Professor? Are you all right?! I see them getting away, Professor! Professor!!

The TV is switched off, and the title screen is initiated.

Serenity Town

The game commences two months later. You are woken up by the alluring smell of roasted bacon in the kitchen (and the call of your mother…). Go downstairs and you will be greeted by your mother in the kitchen, preparing you for your first journey to becoming a Pokémon master!

“Good morning!”

Walk towards your mother in the kitchen.

“My gosh, you’re a mess! On your big day! Are you all right?”

Selecting “Yes” or “No” will not change the response.

“You should really forget about the incident in Chalet. It’s all the way up north, far away from us! Don’t worry about it! Why don’t you go and see for yourself on the map?”

Go up to the map on the living room wall. Interacting with it will place the Region Map in your HOTBAR. Then go back to your mother where she will bid you farewell. For now.

“Why don’t you keep that map? You’re on your own now and you’re gonna need it! Oh, and take that item over there on the table! Specially delivered!”

Retrieve the Pokédex on the table behind you. Your mother will now say her last few goodbyes.

“I’ll make sure to keep in touch with you! You’re 15 now! Take good care of yourself!”

Your mother will give you a Soda Pop and $100. (If you are playing the YouTuber's Edition, skip straight to the Serenity Lab to obtain your starter).

Leave your house and enter the Serenity Theatre just on your right. You’ll need to grab something at the Serenity Corner Shop later, but it is currently closed. For now, enter the theatre.

There is a scheduled play about the rise of ‘Shadow Pokémon’, a possible forewarning. More will be explained later, but for now, the theatre is open for free. Enter the first floor by climbing up a few side ladders to retrieve a Potion. The second floor is empty, and the NPCs here will be rumouring about the current events pertaining to what was seen on TV that day. Don’t worry too much about it, and leave the building.

Upon leaving the building, you will see your friend, Kaylene, conversing with her mother, Professor Cedar.

Cedar: Yes, I’ll be fine! We had an idea that it might happen.

Kaylene: I saw the look on your face. I was frightened for you, Mum! You almost died!

Cedar: Lyn, we all have responsibilities. When you’re older, you’ll understand, okay?

Kaylene: Muuumm...

Cedar: I can look after myself, Lyn. It’s time for you to do the same.

Kaylene: I’ll do my best…

Cedar: I know you will. You’re a smart girl.

Professor Cedar will turn and see you.

Cedar: Player! Oh it’s so good to see you! Oh my, you’ve grown.

Kaylene: Hey! Hope you’re ready to get your butt kicked, you Neanderthal Ninny.

Cedar: Lyn! Keep it down… Player, come to my lab later! I need you to run a little errand for me. See you soon!

Kaylene: I’m not insensitive… Player, I’m going to the local shop. Chase me if you can!

Cedar and Kaylene will disappear, and so you’ll have to visit the lab very soon. If you’re searching for more early items with which you’d like to equip to your Bag, head to the southern end of Serenity. Behind the crates next to the house, there is a Burn Heal.

Head to the local corner shop, speak to the cashier and you’ll receive a very cool surprise!

“Player! Wow, aren’t you looking sharp for your big day, eh?!”

Selecting “I don’t quite understand…” or “I guess I’m just excited!” will not change the response.

“Ah, as humble as always! Here, your pal Kaylene hasn’t arrived yet, so take this!”

Rare Candy! Already!

“A little odd that Kaylene hasn’t come yet. Maybe you should go and look for her.”

Head outside and enter Kaylene’s house. She will be busy pondering relationships between Pokémon and weather patterns. So deep...

“I knew you’d come. My mother is waiting for you in the lab.”

Selecting “There’s something you’re not telling me”:

“Did you know that Chalet Town was once a tropical paradise? How can something so devastating happen so quickly? My mother almost died that day… We’re gonna see each other a lot on the road soon. I can’t be alone on this. You know it… Something bad is happening. Pokémon master or not, I’m determined to figure this out. My mother is the most important thing in my life. Wouldn’t you do anything in your power to keep her safe?”

Selecting “Thanks, I was just checking if she was ready to see me”:

“Yeah, she’s fine. She’s such a strong person. I’ll never be as good as her in life… But you know what? I’m gonna figure this whole thing out too. I can’t be alone on this. You know it… Something bad is happening. Pokémon master or not, I’m determined to figure this out. My mother is the most important thing in my life. Wouldn’t you do anything in your power to keep her safe?”

Kaylene will disappear, allowing you to finally head to the lab for the less-than-important task. Enter the lab and greet Cedar! Again!

“Player! There you are! … You spoke to my daughter didn’t you? She has a tendency to exaggerate things. Please be aware of this when the two of you are on the road! Don’t worry about me! I have my beautiful Pokémon to protect me when things get rough out there! Speaking of which, do you know Mr. Timicin?”

Selecting “Yes”:

“Great! He has a little gift for you! But he wouldn't tell me what it is… So rather than delivering this to him myself, I thought I’d let you do it! Come back to me when you’ve delivered it. I think it’s about time you choose your very first Pokémon to get you started on your journey! Lyn will be waiting too!”

Selecting “No”:

“He’s a good friend of your mother! He lives just on the western side of Serenity, next to the Route 16 exit. He has a little gift for you! But he wouldn't tell me what it is… Come back to me when you’ve delivered it! I think it’s about time you choose your very first Pokémon to get you started on your journey! Lyn will be waiting too!”

Cedar will give you a Parcel which you must deliver to Mr. Timicin. Exit the lab. Mr. Timicin’s house is somewhat to the left of the lab. Mr. Timicin will greet you once you arrive.

“Oh hey there! Isn’t this a pleasant surprise? You should really be on your way. I don’t want to have to keep you waiting any longer!”

After delivering the Parcel, Mr. Timicin will give you something extremely valuable. Seems like he has some faith in you!

“Oh, and I have something for you! Don’t lose it!”

A Waiver! This will allow you to access many additional regions in the confusing guards that you’re someone incredibly important! Kinda.

Upon receiving the Waiver, there will be a knock on the door. Uh oh.

“Sorry, Player. Excuse me for a moment. Actually… You should probably head off to Mezzo Town now. I’m sure Cedar has informed you of the strange events that have transpired recently...”

Timicin will leave for a moment.


Off to Mezzo, I guess! Leave the house and head towards the Route 17 exit. Cedar will be there speaking to a guard.

“Player, you really shouldn’t be here. It’s too dangerous for you!”

Use your Waiver. That will show them! Somehow!

“What? Where’d you get that? … Timmy… Well, I wouldn’t mind an extra set of hands! A man stole the entire registry list for the Suliqu region inhabitants! It is imperative that we get it back!”

Route 17

Cedar will head down Route 17. Within the tunnel is a Potion hidden behind the ledge. Continue down the Route until you see the criminal duo, Jason and Melissa - two Team Tempest punks. Now may be a good point to back up your game!

Melissa: Uh, who the heck is this dude over here?

Cedar: Nice to see you again, Melissa.

Jason: Please, as if we wanted to see your ugly face again!

Cedar: Jason? You turned too?

Jason: I’m helping Mathers do what’s right! His work will change our lives forever!

Melissa: Tell me! Who are you, scrub? Cedar’s new lab rat?!

Cedar: If you yap on my student again, I’ll shut your mouths for you! Player, I’ve seen you battle before. Please, take this. It’s okay, I’m here to help!

PYRAIZ! Your first Pokémon, although will only temporarily be in your team if you choose. But now, it’s time to battle!

Cedar: Melissa, if it’s a battle you want, then you have one.

Melissa: Bring it on!

She uses a LV5 JOULEBO. Shouldn’t be too tough of a fight. Take her down as quickly as possible. Jason, who uses 2 LV3 + 1 LV4 JOULEBO, might be a little harder. Even with a levelled up PYRAIZ, those Sand-Attacks can be brutal. Cedar will heal your PYRAIZ to full health after each battle.

Cedar: That was very impressive..! Hold on just a sec. I have something for that cute little guy.

Jason: Enough messing around! This is where the show stops for the both of you!

Upon defeating Melissa and Jason, the punks will run off.

Melissa: Next time, Jason, LISTEN to me!

Jason: I know…

Melissa: Go make your own team!

Cedar: Just be quiet! You two have no idea what you might unleash by taking that list!

Melissa: Oh that list? We don’t have it any more.

Jason: You’ll have to catch us first if you want it!

Cedar will prevent you from continuing up the Route, and invite you to finally choose your starter! AFTER a battle!

Cedar: Don’t go after them… That Mathers figure sounds dangerous. Those two have always stirred up trouble. There’s more to it than it seems. But, for now, I think it’s time for you to finally get started on your journey! I see you have the Pokédex I delivered to your Mum. Perhaps you’d like to have a quick battle with me? I’d like to see how well my Pyraiz has bonded with you! Good luck!

Cedar should be fairly easy to defeat with your new fiery friend. She uses a LV7 HIVANI, one of her favourite Pokémon. And it’s also a Bug-type. She also uses one of the starters - a LV5 LAVIEM, which might pose a problem with that environmentally boosted Attack. Just don’t use that Ember! After winning, proceed to the Lab!

Hm, a few adjustments here and there and it looks like you’ve got an interesting journey ahead of you! Just please be careful when you run into those two. I know my daughter will probably do the same… Player, your father would be so proud. Anyway, please come over to the Lab. It’s time you choose your first Pokémon!

As you follow Cedar back to her lab and, you’ll notice a flare of fireworks and a mirage of what appears to be ARCEUS. A cutscene will ensue where you’ll be shown a glimpse of the Atramen Distortion Shrine, with your Mum, just outside, solemnly staring at the Portal.

You: This feels so...lucid...

You: I’ve seen this before. It binds the dead from the living… But why is it open?

You: Mum..? What are you doing here?

The scene ends with a roar as Mum turns around.

Mum: Please keep in touch… Okay?

After this strange vision, you will return to the cave and the mist will subside. At this point, it may be a good idea to check on your mother.

Serenity Town

Head over to your house, but as soon as you arrive, you realise that she has disappeared.

You: Mum?!

Pick up the item on the ground. It’s Mum’s Note. Selecting it in your KEY ITEMS pocket will reveal a touching letter.

Mum: Hi sweetheart! I just received a call from the Atramen Theatre a minute ago. They want me to appear in the ‘Call of the Shadow Pokémon’ play next month! It’s the one everyone’s talking about! So I’ve had my Sonfargio fly me over there. Sorry for the late notice! Please keep in touch! Maybe you can come see me! Love, Mum PS: Do they still use emojis? If so… ╰། ◉ ◯ ◉ །╯

Leave your house after picking up the note. Certain things out of your control are about to unfold. The Corner Shop is about to be open for business very soon by the way! We’ll go there in a sec. For now. head over to the Serenity Lab to finally get your starter! You have a choice though, which you’ll soon find out. As soon as you arrive, Kaylene will be…’talking’ to Cedar.

Kaylene: You know, I have this REALLY bad stomach ache… It’s been bothering...

Cedar: Lyn.

Kaylene: for days now and…

Cedar: Kaylene!

Kaylene: ...

Selecting “Sorry to interrupt” or “Uh...” will not change the response.

Cedar: Oh hi, Player! You didn’t hear all of that did you? You took a while to get here!

Selecting “I umm… Well something happened...” or “I just got a bit lost” will not change the response.

Cedar: First-day-nerves, I see! Oh, you still have my Pyraiz, don’t you? I can sense some chemistry between the two of you. Am I right?

Selecting “Yes!” will allow you to keep PYRAIZ:

Cedar: That’s wonderful! Please take good care of my Pyraiz! Well, there are three Pokémon there on the table who, I’m sure, would love to partner with you!

Selecting “No” will force you to return PYRAIZ to Cedar:

Cedar: Aww, that’s a shame. Well, there are three Pokémon there on the table who, I’m sure, would love to partner with you!

Walk over to the table with the starter displays where ELERIND, LAVIEM, and KRILLBARD lie awaiting your decision. After choosing one of the starters, Cedar will approach you with some vital information about how to prevent Team Tempest’s plans.

Cedar: Player, there might be a way for us to stop Melissa and Jason, but we’ll need to move fast. There’s a nomad in Palisade who can help, but he’s not very...cooperative.

You: …

Cedar: Well, to find him, we need to go to a shrine in Atramen, which as you know is quite far from here. But, here’s the thing - there’s an artefact hidden in Mezzo that can help us get to him, which is right down Route 17. It’s a little complicated, but I’m sure my employees in Mezzo can assist you when we get there. And I’m fairly sure Kaylene will be accompanying us, won’t you Kaylene? Kaylene? Oh no…

Cedar will leave in search of Kaylene. Ignore this - you’re going on your own!

Depart directly for Mezzo via Route 17. It may also be worth stopping by the now open corner shop along the way for some items, especially if you wish to net some Katlins!


Poké Ball [$200]

Potion [$300]

Soda Pop [$300]

Escape Rope [$550]

Repel [$350]

Leave for Route 17.

Route 17

Route 17 is completely deserted, apart from the patch of wild grass just behind the Mezzo Bridge. If you wish to heal before battling some wild Pokémon, feel free to scroll down to the Mezzo Town part for now.

Katlin [Lv2-4]; V. Common

Lupus[Lv2-4]; V. Common

Just behind the chests is a staircase leading to a Poké Ball. Collect and enter Mezzo Town just ahead of the bridge.

Mezzo Town

Upon entering Mezzo, you will notice some it is desolate - probably caused by Tempest Punks Melissa and Jason running through just a few moments ago. You may need to visit the Pokémon Centre which is far west of the bridge - you can avoid your rival as long as you don’t go near her, although you may have to fight her eventually, and it’s a good idea to as well! Meet up with your friend, now rival Kaylene, who is attempting to enter the Mezzo mines just to the right of the bridge (you can also get TM28 DIG before fighting her, which isn’t such a bad idea; check the following paragraph of the walkthrough). She will battle you after attempting to justify her unexplained escape from Serenity Town.

“Oh no, please don’t tell my mum! I ran off as soon as I heard about Melissa and Jason. I know they have something to do with the Chalet Town raid. … Oh, you’re doing the same? I thought so. With your new starter, you must be doing pretty well. … I should go talk to Mum, shouldn’t I? Well, allow me to be the first to do battle with your new Pokémon. I promise I’ll go see Mum afterwards.”

Kaylene uses a LV9 KATLIN and a LV10 ROCLEFF, a Pokémon you probably haven’t seen. You’ll find one in the Mezzo mines, although quite rare. If you have any Grass/Water-type moves up your sleeve, be sure to use them! If you lose to her, you’ll either be sent back to the lab or the Mezzo Centre after which you can proceed with the story - Kaylene will disappear. After defeating Kaylene, she’ll run off home allowing you to explore the messy mines behind her. Before entering however, ensure you speak to the man at the house (with no roof) on the south-western side of Mezzo. He will give you TM28 DIG, a very useful move to have in this area. Just behind the house to the left of the entrance is an Escape Rope. You can reach it by using the stairs which creep up the ledge.


Poké Ball [$200]

Potion [$300]

Antidote [$100]

Paralyze Heal [$200]

Awakening [$250]

Burn Heal [$250]

Escape Rope [$550]

Repel [$350]

The mines can be hard to navigate at first. Reaching the artefact from Kaylene’s spot is extensive, but might be worth it with the items within. Don’t worry, there will be no trainers until you hit Traverse Cave.

Enter the mines through Kaylene’s spot. There is a Potion just north-east of the entrance. Another Potion can be found far-left of the Traverse Cave ladder entrance. If you follow the path further down (it’s a while) you will find a Paralyze Heal. Continue down and DO NOT take any exiting turns out of the mines until just before the final left turn - you will only get lost (nothing there is important until later in the game). There is a Poké Ball hidden just behind the two crates on the right. Return back to the main pathway, turn left, and then right to reach the Artefact. There will be some Wild encounters here. Just to the left of the path to the Artefact is an extra Escape Rope.

Oinklet [Lv4-6]; V. Common

Rocleff [Lv4-6]; V. Common

Snortchop [Lv9-10]; Rare

Collect the Shard Artefact and leave Mezzo. Currently, the path through Route 15 to Monolith City is blocked by a Guard. Therefore, exit Mezzo via the north-eastern ladder into Traverse Cave.

Traverse Cave

Immediately after entering Traverse Cave, you will find TM70 FLASH just to the right of the boulder. Teach this to an able Pokémon to help light up the cave. It is very easy to get lost in here! Traverse Cave can be brutal if you’re not prepared, although it is a very useful training ground. Pack some Repels if you need to.

First, take a left turn to fight a trainer [Lupus(7), Lupus(8), Oinklet(8)] guarding a Rare Candy. He’ll tell you one or two things about how they work. Return to the main path and proceed to the right. After fighting the trainer [Lupus(6), Lupus(6), Lupus(6), Lupus(6), Lupus(6), Lupus(6)], ride the ladder down to find a Potion. Exit back to the main floor, turn right, and proceed up the ladder.

The item to your left is a Nugget. You can sell them at the Mart for $5000 OR save them for later in the game for something more valuable. Turn the corner to meet another trainer [Oinklet(7), Katlin(9)] just behind the wooden bridge. Cross the bridge, fight the two trainers who are fighting over cats [Karnivora(10)] and dogs [Caniculus(10)], and ride the ladder just ahead down to find a Poké Ball.

Exit back out and continue down the main route up the stairs into a pool-filled room. Battle the lone trainer [Sandregin(13)] who uses Sandregin, the evolved form of Rocleff. Leave the room through the ladder.

Oinklet [Lv5-7]; V. Common

Rocleff [Lv5-7]; V. Common

Snortchop [Lv9-10]; S. Rare

Cragraunt [Lv8-10]; Rare

The boulder is blocking the pathway - don’t attempt to find a way over it. While the exit is to the left, head right past the trainer [Rocleff(7), Rocleff(7), Rocleff(7)] follow the path and turn right to find a Repel. The other two paths are dead ends, although the left turn has a nice and quiet fishing spot.

Go back to the Fanboy trainer and follow the pathway to the left of the boulder to another trainer [Oinklet(8), Sonyar(9)]. Head forward, turn left and follow the path straight to find another Poké Ball. Turn all the way back around to the last trainer and make a left turn just beside him. Follow the pathway until you reach the other side of the boulder. You’re almost out!

You’ll find another massive boulder, but this time, you can get over it on the left side. Turn left at the end of the path to fight a trainer [Ferrousaur(9), Glissadiaur(9)] who uses two pandas you’ll soon find in Verdure. Follow the path to a Potion, and drop down the hole in the ground. Follow the route back to the farmer/trainer and turn left (do NOT pass him). Continue down the pathway and turn left, crossing the massive boulder like earlier. This time, turn right instead of left, climb up the stairs.

There are two exits you can take here. One leads directly out into Route 18. The other leads into a dilapidated shrine. Take this route first by heading forward (past the right turn) and turning right into the ladder. Climb this and the second ladder to the right DOWN to fight the last trainer [Oinklet(8), Snortchop(9)] in Traverse. He gives quite a bit of money, so it’s worth fighting him. Climb back up, all the way up until you reach the cave exit. One of Cedar’s employees will approach you with a VS Seeker. He’ll also notify you of the second piece of the artefact hidden away in Verdure Town.

“There you are, Player! I thought you were down there, but now you’re up here. Ehemm. So Professor Cedar told me to tell you something, but I forgot what it was. Hm... I’m holding this VS Seeker though. …”

Receive the VS Seeker.

“Ah, Kaylene just ran by here by the way. This place used to be used to repel some of the most dangerous Pokémon in this region, but it looks like it’s no longer working. Yeah, come to think of it, it looks a little shabby. Anyway, I had better go. You should go to Verdure Town, by the way. There’s something there. Apparently.”

Professor Cedar employs the most awkward people. Leave the shrine through the same ladder, entering the cave from the first level, and turn left (like a U-turn) into the last pathway to the Route 18 exit. There is a ladder on your right. Climb it up and you’ll be outside Traverse Cave!

Route 18

Take in the sunshine. Finally! There is a Pokémon you can obtain here, which requires puzzle solving. First, walk straight ahead and drop down the ledge. There’s no turning back into Traverse Cave for now, unless you faint.

Enter the hill in the middle. Reaching the top isn’t too challenging, but the route has a slight deviation you might not notice. To reach the top, use the following algorithm across the stairs, looking straight ahead: Forward (F), Left (L), L, F, up the ladder, Right (R), (R), pick up the Poké Ball, Back (B), turn around and head up the ladder, L, F, R, down the ladder, R, forward and UP the ledge on the right. Do NOT fall down the cliff. Work your way around to the next platform beside the waterfall. Then F, L, L, L, and climb the two ladders. You should see a tiny Krillbard across the river. Enter the room and climb the flight of stairs until you reach the top of the hill. Exit, turn right, and you should encounter a LVL10 Ferrousaur. If you plan on capturing it, make sure you stack up on Poké Balls or even Great Balls later in the game and throw in a few status effects if possible. This panda is a tough catch!

Oinklet [Lv5-7]; V. Common

Lupus [Lv5-7]; V. Common

Katlin [Lv5-7]; V. Common

Rocleff [Lv7-8]; Common

Leave the hill and cross the bridge on the eastern side. There’s really nothing interesting in the tall grass here. Speak to the Messenger with his Sonyar just to the left for some Running Shoes! You can now sprint faster! The Messenger will also shed some more light on the strange weather patterns occurring in Suliqu. Nothing new though.

Continue down Route 18 until you reach Polestar Junction. You’re about to reach your first Gym!

Pithin Path

Upon reaching the junction, you’ll notice there are two exits. The left will lead into a sandstorm, so it’s closed for now; turn right into Pithin Path.

Lupus [Lv6-8]; V. Common

Katlin [Lv6-8]; V. Common

Sonyar [Lv9-10]; V. Common

Viser [Lv8-9]; V. Common

Sandsylph [Lv10-11]; V. Rare

A LVL10 Glissadiaur can be caught here, but you’ll need the CUT HM to reach him. The tree is just to the right near Verdure Town, next to the archway.

Apart from a Poké Ball just behind the boulder on the left of the path, there’s nothing else to concern yourself with here. Proceed until you reach Verdure Town.

Verdure Town


Poké Ball [$200]

Potion [$300]

Antidote [$100]

Paralyze Heal [$200]

Awakening [$250]

Burn Heal [$250]

Escape Rope [$550]

Repel [$350]

There’s nothing really happening in this town at the moment. Enter the Nature Reserve to the right and follow the grass trail to the Hivanis. To the right is a Pyraiz underneath a tiny tunnel. Follow the pathway through it until you see a few web-infested trees. There is a Great Ball hidden underneath the cobweb tree next to the pond (it’s the westernmost block). There is a handy trainer here that uses some strong Pokémon similar to those used by the local Gym Leader [Trumps(21), Trumps(21), Miasmar(21)]. Fight him several times with the VS Seeker if you wish to get some training done, and then exit the Reserve.

Head down the tree root spiral staircase thing that leads down the cliff and go straight ahead into the Verdure Gym. It’s the building with the citrus above the Poké Ball. The museum to the left is somewhat important (it has relevance to the relocated Fossil Pokémon, but that’s about it), and the man standing outside the Pokémon Centre will prove very useful later. Heal at the Pokémon Centre.

The Gym is a fairly ordinary setup hinting a grass/poison theme, but the prizes that come along with winning here are extraordinary. The two trainers before the leader are as follows:

Trainer Lila: Ramme LVL16; Sonyar LVL15

Trainer Dilaria: Snortchop LVL10; Elerind LVL11; Miasmar LVL14; Hivani LVL15

Dilaria can be tough cookie, but not too bad if you run a Sonyar/Soninger or Fire-type in your team. Keep it alive and you’ll be okay.

The leader is VERY strong. She’ll also recognise you as one of Cedar’s valuable students. Some backstory will ensue here, including a quick call for someone to collect you immediately after your battle. Something’s happening, and Cedar’s keeping it from you.

“… Wait…“

Louise will turn around and make what appears to be a quick call to Cedar or someone important.

“Ah yes, you’ve arrived! I’ve been expecting you, Player! Professor Cedar has quietly requested that I hand over part of the Azure Flute for certain reasons I cannot even begin to fathom. I’ve been holding it for a while now, but I had no idea it would come to this. Both Atramen and Palisade Town are quite far from here. I can help escort you there with some of my Pokémon, but I think you’re here for another reason too. The first Gym badge. I’m no pushover - my poisonous type will turn you green with envy. It must have taken you great courage to get here. I hope you’re well rested!”

Anyway, the leader’s team is as follows:

Leader Louise: Branbar LVL19; Trumps LVL21; Rammeral LVL21; Quagger LVL22; Miasmar LVL21; Grapnel LVL25

I was able to take her down with a bunch of Digs and confusion-inducing moves from Calyx and Oinklet.

After winning and collecting the Topiary Badge, TM19 GIGA DRAIN, and the Azure Flute Lower Shard, she will have someone offer his services to transport you from Verdure to Mezzo from now on.

“What a wonderful experience this was!

“The Topiary Badge is a symbol of Verdure Town. We strive to maintain the lush environment even in times like these. And here, take this TM as a complementary gift!

“The TM is Giga Drain, a powerful move that inflicts damage while restoring your own Pokémon’s health! It’s one of my favourites! Now before I forget, Professor Cedar wants me to lend this to you.

“I’ve been keeping it all along, safe from harm’s way. I notice you already have the other half. Please take care of them - they cannot fall in the wrong hands. … May I assume that you’ve visited the Pokémon Centre here in Verdure? There’s a man that can help take you back to Mezzo Town. He’ll offer his services to you if you ever need a quick way to return inland. Professor Cedar has warned me about a crime duo on the loose. … Oh you fought them? Please look after yourself out there. They can’t be up to any good. I’ll see you soon, Player.”

Head back outside the Gym and visit the Pokémon Centre. Speak to Mitch, the man standing outside the Pokémon Centre and he will fly you back to Mezzo Town.

Returning to Mezzo and Serenity

Heal if you need to; otherwise, leave the Centre and pathfind your way back to the DIG house on the right. Trek west, around the house, and up the staircase on the left back to the Guard (unless you didn’t see him earlier!). While he will still block you from entering, he will give you HM01 CUT to allow you to travel around him via Route 16! So teach the move to an able Pokémon (such as Oinklet and Ferrousaur) and walk back to Serenity via Route 17 after returning to Mezzo Town.

After arriving back in Serenity, take the western exit just past the Corner Shop until you see a tree that can be CUT down. Use your new CUT HM to fell the obstacle. Welcome to Route 16!

Route 16

Route 16 can be tough to navigate. Wild grass is in abundance here, not to mention the length of this Route! Plenty of training to do as well as new Pokémon!

Katlin [Lv8-10]; V. Common

Nettiler [Lv8-9,11]; V. Common

Bacillus [Lv8-10]; Common

Sodler [Lv11-12]; Rare

Currizerier [Lv10,12]; V. Rare

Immediately to the right is a Potion. Continue down cautiously. Nettilers can be nasty here with that Poison Sting. Luckily, there are no trainers around until you exit into the Route 16 park. Around 50m in to the right pathway is an Antidote. Continue forward until you hit the oak fence. In order to leave this tiny area, you need to locate an opening to the left near the brown mushrooms. The path continues between the jungle trunk. There is a hidden Antidote near the red mushroom blocks, just underneath the red carpets. Turn around (face north), and climb the staircase of slabs and red carpets. Try not to fall off the branch and make your way up to the Great Ball. Drop back down the tree and continue west to exit the forest to the left to fight some trainers.

There’s actually a bit of commotion occurring around here, but we’ll get to that later. Fight the trainer immediately ahead of the pathway [Lupus(8), Caniculus(10)]. Turn left towards the fountain for two more trainer battles [Miasmar(14)] [Nettiler(9), Hivani(7), Nettiler(10)]. After defeating them, follow the pathway around the fountain, through a mini tunnel until you see a pond with a staircase on the left. You can actually get TM21 FRUSTRATION here, but it’ll be safer once you have the SURF HM. Nonetheless, if you wish to grab it, swim across the pond towards the jungle tree. The item is just behind the trunk.

Return to the mainland and climb the flight of stairs. Talk to the youngster standing beside the seat. He will ask for your help to remove a Howlinger from the park. Return to the fountain at the park. Follow the same pathway you were on before, and turn right to fight another trainer [Nettiler(9), Nettiler(9), Nettiler(9), Nettiler(9)]. Walk across the playground to fight a farmer [Sonyar(15)]. Then, meet up with Howlinger, at Level 18, a Normal-type Pokémon that is definitely worth catching! When he’s off the pathway, return to the youngster and he will give you a Level 1 Permagin! Hooray! Not the best Pokémon, but you won’t find it anywhere else!

Return to where the Howlinger was and approach the volleyball court to fight a fanboy [Viser(11), Sodler(12)], and a female bug catcher [Bacillus(13)]. Near the side wall, just behind the trees, is a Revive. Return to the main path, approaching the wild grass that should be materialising in the distance. There is an Antidote just behind the gate you can access from the entrance behind the tractor, which will force you to enter the grass as their ‘tractor has broken down’... Well, collect the Antidote and a Poké Ball behind all of the tall grass. There is one last trainer just beside the stairs if you want to battle a simpleton.. [Oinklet(12), Viser(11)]! Behind him, climb up the slabs and up the ladder. There is a hidden Rare Candy on the ledge. Grab it, drop back down and head up the stairs.

The Route 16 pathway continues but is a little quieter now. While it may seem like it, the staircase isn’t a maze. Continue trekking upwards and you’ll reach the exit. Climb the ladder near the tall grass and the ladder following it. Instead of heading up the stairs, turn around and take the ladder behind you. Pathfind your way around the crates to a Potion. Then take the stairs. You’re at some serious altitude now!

Continue down the path. There’s plenty of tall grass for training here, so it might be a little difficult to navigate at times; however, do not diverge from the main pathway. There’s nothing interesting - just dead ends. Fight the trainer standing underneath the birch tree [Hivani(15)]. Pick up the Potion and proceed left into the tall grass. The pathway has been blocked for construction purposes. Turn right into the cavern and turn left at the exit momentarily. Pass through the tall grass on the right to find a Repel. Return to the cavern and take the other exit to find a trainer...or builder [Sandregin(13)]. After battling, go back to the cavern and continue down the route that had the Repel.

Phew! You have a choice now! You can exit into Route 15 which will throw a VERY challenging trainer battle at you. No, it’s not Kaylene. She comes later. If you feel as though you need to heal your party of which I wouldn’t be surprised, you can drop back down to Mezzo Town very easily, but returning here will require you to travel all the way back. It might be worth it. Turn right into the grass-infested cavern and proceed down the pathway until you see the guard that gave you HM01. Don’t worry, he’s a mute now. Turn left into the tall grass and locate the path beside the tractor that leads around the guard. Drop down the ledge and you’ll be back in Mezzo to heal your party!

Otherwise, if you wish to proceed, CUT down the trees (or one of them) and you’re in Route 15! What an adventure that was!

Route 15

Tindler [Lv11,13,15]; V. Common

Sonyar [Lv12,14]; V. Common

Bacillus [Lv14-15]; V. Common

As soon as you enter Route 15, Melissa will sneak up behind you like a ninja.

“Don’t you even think for a second, lab rat… Right here, pal. Where do you think you’re going? Off to see the Professor? How cowardly. She’s not here. And neither is that lass you hang with. They’re not even going to get past this point. No no. If you even think you’ll able to stop us, think again.”

Melissa’s party has grown immensely. From a single Joulebo from your first encounter with her and her sidekick, she now runs BRANBAR (Level 28), SPECIXEL (Level 26), JITTERIZER (Level 29), and a FERROUSAUR (Level 30). She is a solid indicator of how strong the Fracca Gym Leader will be.

Once you defeat her, she will disappear without a word, but not before dropping a hint that your mother may be in danger.

“Last time I checked, no one was in Atramen to watch out for her. I guess you’d better hurry.”

While her threats aren’t entirely false, ignore them for now. This route has been cleared by her, so there isn’t much to do here except to grab an Elixir to the left, through the fences and patch of grass. Return to the pathway and proceed towards the junction.

Route 14

You can finally heal here! There are, however, more trainers down the track. Turn left into the junction. The pathway to the right is blocked by stones that you can move later with HM04. The only Pokémon you’ll find here are struggling snails.

Orthon [Lv11-14]; V. Common

As soon as you enter the junction, heal your party! The man on the right will assist you with this. You will soon realise that this is a handy place to train your party.

Exit towards Fracca City. Immediately to your right is a wheat block you can walk right through. Follow the path to a Poké Ball. Return to the main pathway and enter the large shack. This isn’t the most difficult puzzle, but it is easy to enter a few loops, and the tall grass can occlude your vision a little.

To cover every event, follow these steps (orientations are relative to south):

  1. From the far left, move F, F, R, R, R to hit a trainer.
  2. F, L, L, F, L, B to find a Nugget.
  3. B, R, R, R, F, F, L to hit another trainer.
  4. B, B, R, F, F, F, L, F, L, L to hit another trainer.
  5. F, F, R, B, R to hit another trainer near the exit.
  6. F, R to meet the final trainer.
  7. B, L, F to exit the shack.

You’re just about the reach Fracca City - it’s right ahead! No more trainer battles until you’re there. Follow the pathway towards the hills until you see a cave opening on the left. Scale the stairs all the way to the top, crossing the bridges for an ice view, and collect the Rare Candy at the top! Drop back down and enter Fracca!

Fracca City


Poké Ball [$200]

Potion [$300]

Antidote [$100]

Paralyze Heal [$200]

Awakening [$250]

Burn Heal [$250]

Escape Rope [$550]

Repel [$350]

If necessary, heal at the Pokémon Centre north-west of town. There is a Guard blocking the staircase entrance to the Fracca Gym. You cannot access this at the moment as the leader is conversing with Kaylene somewhere. This means the pathway to Atramen via Route 13 is currently unavailable.

From the Guard, head up the southern staircase and follow the pathway up until you see Kaylene chatting to a man - the leader of the Gym.

Varenshio: I apologise for my lack of understanding in this area. I wish I could have been of more assistance to you.

Kaylene: My eyes didn’t deceive me though, did they?

Varenshio: No, I saw them too. Gave me a fright, to be honest.

Kaylene: Oh Player! Hi, um. I really need to speak to you. I think they might be here…

Selecting “Yeah, I just saw Melissa on Route 15...” or “Who?” will not change the response.

Varenshio: I’ll leave you to it.

Kaylene: Thanks.

Varenshio, the leader, will return to the Gym for you to battle.

Kaylene: So, I saw Melissa running across Fracca. But that wasn’t it… She was with a man. In a cloak. And he had these...really weird white eyes...and wore a yellow mask… It wasn’t Jason. But I swear, they had something to do with my mother… Cloaked men? I bet they’re the same guys who broke into the lighthouse near Terraloon. I think they’re planning something in Atramen Town, but I don’t know what. I’m actually gonna head over there, and you should come with me as soon as you can.

Kaylene will issue a battle with you, using a party of three at the moment; but she’s not easy - KARNIVORA (Level 28), SANDREGIN (Level 25), and the menace - HOWLINGER (Level 32). After winning, Kaylene will leave, persuading you to follow. And you should - after you fight the Leader for you second badge.

“I’m just concerned...what is this Mathers guy's deal? Come find me in Atramen when you’re ready. I heard your mother is there too. Best get her out of there. I’ll see you soon.”

Head straight to the Gym via the large central staircase. Enter the fighting arena! The trainers here are a pretty big step up from before.

Trainer Dagga: Sandregin LVL25; Snortchop LVL28

Trainer Homa: Miasmar LVL21; Sandregin LVL25; Snortchop LVL28; Graspawer LVL29

After defeating the trainers, head straight to Varenshio. You’ve met.

“Welcome back. I sincerely hope your friend is well. She seemed very upset. I chose not to ask for details. Nevertheless, we have met. My name is Varenshio and I am the leader of the Gym of Fracca City. I am delighted to serve the Fighting realm of Suliqu. Pleased to meet you.”

Leader Varenshio: Miasmar LVL26; Conflagg LVL28; Snortchop LVL28; Viginoro LVL29; Malicorith LVL28; Currizerier LVL30

Upon winning, he will give you the Wrangle Badge and TM31 BRICK BREAK.

“Two consecutive losses! This is something!”

“Also, please accept this.”

“TM31 is Brick Break, a moderately powerful Fighting-type move that hits with impeccable accuracy. I am confident you will find some use for it. Well, that will do for today. Please give my kind regards to your friend.”

If your Pyraiz has evolved into Magnamic, using him/her might become a risky tactic. Be cautious of Brick Breaks and Low Kicks. Psychic moves are the way to go here.

Leave the Gym - your next destination should be Atramen Town where you will reconvene with some familiar faces. Things are about to get messy.

Quickly heal at the Pokémon Centre, grab a Repel or two (you’ll need it), and leave via the pathway near the staircase connected to the Gym. The pathway leads underground and into Route 13. Prepare for a semi-Legendary encounter, if you’re lucky and willing.

Route 13

Route 13 is really nothing but a straight line. It’s pretty long though and a good way to stock up on Ghost-types if that interests you.

Grab the Super Potion hidden behind the rocks to the right of the ladder. You’re technically still in Fracca City, but this ends shortly. Just before crossing the line into Route 13, activate your Repel.

Branular [Lv15-16]; V. Common

Wyvern [Lv13-14,16]; V. Common

Provender [Lv14-15]; Common

Mecheladon [Lv13-15]; Common

Specter [Lv13-15]; S. Rare

Meshuge [Lv 25]; Special, 1.49%

Here, you can find a level 25 MESHUGE. While not strictly a Legendary, it is an ancient spirit Pokémon with some amazing stats and moves, and appears only ONCE in this game. If you fail to capture it, it will flee for good. Grab some Great Balls from Atramen Town, or Ultra Balls if you wish to delay the encounter until later in the game. If the latter is what you decide to do, make sure you ‘Repel’ your way through Route 13 on all occasions (you will miss out on the wild though).

At the end of the tunnel, climb the ladder and exit the cave. There are three psychic trainers worth fighting on the surface. They pay a LOT [Cebraral(19), Cebraral(19)], [Specter(18), Specter(18), Branular(16), Specter(18)], and [Provender(24)]!

Continue forward into Atramen Town.

Atramen Town


Great Ball [$600]

Poké Ball [$200]

Potion [$300]

Antidote [$100]

Paralyze Heal [$200]

Awakening [$250]

Burn Heal [$250]

Escape Rope [$550]

Repel [$350]

Enter the house to the left of the Pokémon Centre (your right). Exit through the opposite door and enter the adjoining house. Climb both ladders and open the door to the right. There is a Great Ball just behind the wall. Leave the house (one of the doors leads to the pathway to the Gym, but this will not interest you at the moment). The Gym is blocked, and will never open. Reasons will be elucidated soon.

There is a hidden Rare Candy in the graveyard located south of the theatre. Look for a gravestone labelled ‘RIP Krokobot_’ - the Rare Candy is directly behind it.

From the Pokémon Centre, proceed towards the cobalt and amethyst towers. This is the Shrine of Distortion - you’ve seen it before. Mum was ‘here’ earlier in the game. Upon entering the Shrine, you will hallucinate briefly. Kaylene will run over to wake you up.

“Hey. Hey! Player! You all right? What are you doing here? What happened?”

Selecting “I think my mother is in danger.”:

“In danger? She’s at the theatre right now! Come quick! She wants to see you!”

Selecting “I don’t know...”:

“Well, get up then. Last time I checked this place wasn’t a motel. Ehemm. I found your mum! She’s at the theatre! Come quick! She wants to see you!”

Leave the Shrine and head for the theatre which is now open. It’s the large building with a Poké Ball in the centre-front. Enter the building (use FLASH if you need to) to see your mother on stage, and Kaylene near the catwalk with Titus, the Atramen Gym Leader. Here we go.

Young Woman: Shift left a fraction! That’s perfect! Now, don’t move!

Mum: All right.

Selecting “Mum!” or “Mum?” will not change the response.

Mum: Player! You’re here!!

Kaylene: Oh, about time.

Mum: Oh it’s so nice to see you! I knew you’d come! Jenny, can Player come up on the stage?

Jenny: No problem. We’re all set here.

The next cutscene will lead directly into a Gym Leader battle, and thus now would be a good time to back up your world! Walk towards the stage to reunite with your mother. It is at this point that Tempest will launch a localised attack on the theatre in an attempt to search out an artefact.

Man: Guys?

Kaylene: Um, Titus?

Titus: Shh…

Mum: Titus?

Two significant explosions will sound.

Titus: Everyone, leave now! Now!

Your mother will fall within the rubble as you black out. You’ll get a glimpse of Mathers in the corner of the screen for a second before Titus pulls you out of the theatre.

You will awaken outside the Gym with Titus several days later.

“Mathers was an Archbishop in the Church of Arceus. An avid student of the Distortion World. However, over time his investigations took him astray. His studies led him into Chalet’s lighthouse. Yes, it’s been abandoned for centuries, but one thing drew him further in. A creature known only as the ‘Premier’ - Giltine, freed only by the ascent of the Cobalt Flute. Chalet was, and still is, a weak point. As the power-hungry leader he became, many subordinates were subsumed in his attempt to liberate Giltine - one of the most powerful Pokémon. Albeit, not inherently evil. If Giltine is released from Arceus’ bind, every shadow creature known to man will be freed. The Shadow Pokémon.

“It is my understanding that the Cobalt Flute rests in the hands of the Professor. There is no question though she is a target for Mathers. They will stop at nothing until they find the Flute. The attack on the theatre last week was no doubt part of their attempts to seek out the Professor. You must stay alert. You must remain strong. This is what your mother would want. Defeat me here and now.”

Yes, this is a Gym battle. Don’t worry if you forgot to heal - your team is healthy. If you happen to lose to Titus, simply take the pathway to the left of the Pokémon Centre.

Leader Titus: Provender LVL24; Mecheladon LVL29; Specixel LVL26; Icandador LVL26; Gruntrot LVL28; Foaross LVL32

The variety in his team should work to your advantage. Upon winning, he will give you the Murky Badge and TM29 PSYCHIC.

“This was indeed very special.”

“Never forget what you’ve accomplished today. I think you will find this handy.”

“TM29 is Psychic, a strong telekinetic attack. Use it wisely. Well, I think we’re done for the day. Time for you to move on. Get in touch with the Professor. She’s a clever one - she knows what must be done. Take care, Player.”

Before leaving Atramen Town, pay a quick visit to the Shrine. ARCEUS will appear yet again, but will fly into the Shrine. You will receive a superluminal communication from Cedar.

“Player, I know where the nomad is. Come to Palisade Town as soon as you can! Travel safe!”

Leave Atramen Town back to Route 13 (don’t forget to Repel), Fracca City, and then Route 14. You want to get to Monolith City.

Returning to Route 14

The pathway to Monolith City is still blocked by the boulders. To get HM04 Strength, speak to the lone man at the junction near Monolith City. He will ask you a riddle. Either answer will get you the HM. The riddle’s...kinda stupid. Grab the HM and teach it to a capable Pokémon. You can now exit into Monolith City using STRENGTH. Stand against the single boulder and push it into the hole in the ground.

Proceed through the makeshift bridge you just made and turn around to the right to enter a patch of tall grass.

Orthon [Lv11-14]; V. Common

CUT down a few trees until you reach the trees at the back. Pick up a free Super Potion and head back outside. Welcome to the ever-growing Monolith City!

Monolith City

Monolith City is huge! There isn’t too much you need to be concerned with here though as it’s more like a rest place, but there are plenty of key items up for grabs! Try not to get lost! Your first stop should be the Pokémon Centre and to grab a free Bike! Continue until you encounter a ‘Y-shaped’ fork in the road. Take the right route and make the U-turn. Continue straight and follow the road, passing the barricaded road. Enter the building to the left just past the rose bushes and near the lone man - it’s the Contest Building! ...But closed due to Tempest raids… It doesn’t matter! Speak to the lady on the left for an Unfit Bike! It’s really not unfit. Now you can speed your way around this massive city! To toggle its use, simply drop it on the ground.

Leave the building and take the next exit right and follow the path until you see the Pokémon Centre on the left.


Great Ball [$600]

Poké Ball [$200]

Potion [$300]

Super Potion [$700]

Antidote [$100]

Paralyze Heal [$200]

Awakening [$250]

Burn Heal [$250]

Escape Rope [$550]

Repel [$350]

Super Repel [$500]

Heal up and head to your first destination - the Distortion Monolith, a site connected to Tempest’s plans. A person of interest is camping there.

Backtrack to the ‘Y-shaped junction’. This time, take the left route and you’ll find the Monolith. Spooky. Approach the hedges to find the dirt path entrance. The door will slowly open for you.

Your goal is to reach the top. Be cautious of the changing stairs. At the top, you will find Mathers leaving.

“Men are onto us. Alert Jason right away.”

He will leave immediately without noticing you (or did he?). You’ll fight Jason later just outside Monolith City.

Free yourself from the cobweb and walk towards the end of the bridge and the Monolith will bring you back onto the ground. From here, take the left pathway and enter the garden to the right. Underneath the tree, you can obtain a Llumina Ball which upon being used summons a Level 1 QUINTESSENCE, a rather unusual Pokémon that learns no moves other than Illuminate and TM29 Psychic.

Return to the left pathway and follow the narrow road and cut through the buildings using the stone pavement. Turn right and the left until you see the department store. Before entering, access the carpark adjacent to the building and grab the two Soda Pops. Enter the building and proceed to the elevator.

LV 1

Great Ball [$600]

Poké Ball [$200]

Potion [$300]

Super Potion [$700]

Antidote [$100]

Paralyze Heal [$200]

Awakening [$250]

Burn Heal [$250]

Escape Rope [$550]

Repel [$350]

Super Repel [$500]

LV 2

Fresh Water [$200]

Soda Pop [$300]

Lemonade [$350]

LV 3

Rock Tomb [$1500]

Water Pulse [$2000]

Hyper Beam [$2000]

Ice Beam [$2500]

Aerial Ace [$2500]

Iron Tail [$2500]

Thunder [$3000]

Fire Blast [$3000]

LV 4

Bike [Unpurchasable]

Yeah, you actually cannot buy that Bike… You have one anyway! Levels 5-7 are closed, but you can use Level 7’s upstairs area to look over the beautiful city at night!

Exit when you feel satiated, and head back through a pathway towards the fork. If you took the pathway on the right, follow the ‘One Way’ sign and at the crossing, enter the pavement surrounding the major Pokémon Stadium. Turn left and talk to the Guard. Yes! A multiplayer game will be coming soon!! Nothing much else here. Just some exciting information. Cross the road directly behind you and enter the outdoor kiosk area. There is a Lemonade just behind the fountain near the rose bushes, and a Fresh Water on the far left kiosk. People like to drop things. Take advantage of it!

Two more key things to do here. Firstly, head to the sewers. That’s right. Head back to the ‘One Way’ sign and turn right. At the end of the road, you should see the sewers on the right pavement. Take the ladder down.

Slowly make your way to the other side of the sewers. On the opposite corner, near the large iron door there is a Good Rod (it’s the only Rod in the game)! You can now go fishing!

Imbue [Lv25-28]; V. Common

Fluster [Lv5-7]; V. Common

Glazer [Lv28-30]; Common

Croccal [Lv18-19]; Common

Whiffli [Lv16]; S. Rare

Permafloe [Lv25-27]; Rare

Lacuscular [Lv33,35-36]; V. Rare

Shellefer [Lv37-38]; V. Rare

Also in the sewers is a (the) sad fisherman. He’s an odd fellow, but very insightful! And runs a powerful SANTRIKOS at Level 60 in his team! Make sure you come back and fight him as often as you need to for experience!

You may now leave Monolith City and get to Palisade Town to meet with Cedar! Simply return to the road adjoining the Contest Building, and walk forward and take the first exit to the left. Before exiting to the junction, there are some hidden goodies in and around Terrace Garden. Enter the garden through the opening with the Malfa Statues and first turn left. Pick up the Great Ball against the hedges. Enter the garden, turn right and head all the way across to the opposite hedge. There is a hidden Rare Candy two blocks beside the right bench. Approach the tree in the centre and pick up a hidden Nugget behind the log (you might need to constantly click and circle around the trunk to get it). Remember to save these Nuggets for later! Exit the garden and this time head to the right side. You’ll see an item across the water stream. To get to it, walk around the Folineal sculpture, picking up a Super Potion along the way. Pick up the Rare Candy and leave to the junction, fighting five puntastic trainers along the way: [Currizerier(15), Ramme(16), Branbar(19), Trumps(21), Folineal(23)], [Cebraral(19), Cebraral(19), Cebraral(19), Drabber(22), Drabber(22)], [Miasmar(21), Miasmar(21), Miasmar(21), Miasmar(21), Miasmar(21), Miasmar(21)], [Hivani(23), Jitterizer(29), Soninger(24), Jitterizer(29)], [Specixel(26), Miasmar(21), Miasmar(21), Specixel(26), Hivani(23)].

Monolith to Palisade Chairlift Site

That wasn’t so bad! If you need to, head back to Monolith City to heal, but this is where things begin to get interesting.

Folineal [Lv17-19]; V. Common

Drabber [Lv17-19]; V. Common

Scrapper [Lv15]; Common

Pixeal [Lv16-17]; Rare

Miasmar [Lv21-22]; V. Rare

Head towards the cave - Jason is waiting for you with a very annoying team of...SIX HOWLINGERs (Level 32). This is not an easy fight! Prepare some Burn Heals too!

“Nope. Nah man. You can’t go through here anyway. Some stupid rocks or something of the sort. You won’t even get through me anyway. Mathers gave word of your ways.

“Bloodshed? Anguish? What’s there to tell? Death is a natural order. … What? What Shadow Pokémon? Arceus? You naive brat. You're a simpleton.”

Fight him and his annoying ‘Confuse-Ray’ dogs. After winning, he will leave you alone. Seeing as he doesn’t have the Strength HM, he will not follow you to the chairlift.

“You won’t appreciate us now. What we’ll do for you. But with the power of the Premier, all of that is possible and more. Now get out of my way. Stupid rocks…”

Enter the cave - it’s a Strength puzzle! It’s very easy though. Most of the moves are forcing. Move around the winding pathway, which should include pushing a stone into a block hole. Before heading down the ladder to the chairlift, turn right through the gap in the wall, and then turn right and collect the Super Repel. Return to the ladder and descend.

The chairlift costs $250, but you can still travel broke! Trainer privileges, apparently! Get into the chairlift and push the lever.

Route 21

The route is fairly complex.

Aphotic [Lv21-22]; V. Common

Incande [Lv18-20]; V. Common

Quagger [Lv22]; V. Common

Rhizome [Lv18-20]; Common

Contretemps [Lv18]; Rare

Ramme [Lv20-21,23]; Rare

Joulebo [Lv18,20]; Rare

Once you leave the chairlift on the other end, head downstairs from the rooftop. Collect another Super Repel against the wall near the crates. Afterwards, head into the dense tall grass. If you hug the left wall, you will find an Escape Rope behind the bushes - it will be handy a little later. There is also an Ultra Ball on the wooden bench near the centre. Collect this and head up the stairs on the opposite end of the field.

As soon as you turn left, there is an access point on the left that leads to a ledge with a Rare Candy. Continue up the stairs and fight the caver [Scrapper(20), Rocleff(20)]. Follow the pathway straight ahead until you reach the first portal hole. The pathway continues via the ladder route, but first take the portal hole. Drop into the waterhole (you won’t drown!) and you’ll be transported to a higher altitude. Turn left and grab a hidden Fresh Water on the tiny stone ledge on the left. Fight the trainer ahead [Scrapper(20), Brutifan(22), Scrapper(20), Scrapper(20)] and collect the Nugget at the end of the road. Turn around and head back to the waterhole. This time, ride the ladder up. Keep walking, fighting a builder [Rammeral(21), Rammeral(21), Rammeral(21)] along the way. When you reach the peak, turn left to find a Super Potion. Dropping down the ledge will take you back to the beginning. Instead, simply turn around to continue. Grab the Elixir along the way, fight the trainer [Wyvern(25)] and follow the winded pathway into a cave to fight another trainer [Trumps(21), Trumps(21), Folineal(23), Trumps(21)]. Head up the ladder and into the waterhole. Speak to the man for an interesting quote, and grab HM02 Fly just on the left! Finally!

As soon as you turn left, there is an access point on the left that leads to a ledge with a Rare Candy. Continue up the stairs and fight the caver [Scrapper(20), Rocleff(20)]. Follow the pathway straight ahead until you reach the first portal hole. The pathway continues via the ladder route, but first take the portal hole. Drop into the waterhole (you won’t drown!) and you’ll be transported to a higher altitude. Turn left and grab a hidden Fresh Water on the tiny stone ledge on the left. Fight the trainer ahead [Scrapper(20), Brutifan(22), Scrapper(20), Scrapper(20)] and collect the Nugget at the end of the road. Turn around and head back to the waterhole. This time, ride the ladder up. Keep walking, fighting a builder [Rammeral(21), Rammeral(21), Rammeral(21)] along the way. When you reach the peak, turn left to find a Super Potion. Dropping down the ledge will take you back to the beginning. Instead, simply turn around to continue. Grab the Elixir along the way, fight the trainer [Wyvern(25)] and follow the winded pathway into a cave to fight another trainer [Trumps(21), Trumps(21), Folineal(23), Trumps(21)]. Head up the ladder and into the waterhole. Speak to the man for an interesting quote, and grab HM02 Fly just on the left! Finally!

Head back into the portal and travel along the left corridor back outside the cave. Sprint across the bridge, collecting an Ultra Ball hidden behind the coal ore, and completing the simple Strength puzzle (all moves are forcing here; just push the stone into the hole on the right).

Okay, if you want to fight a really strong trainer who uses the three starters in their intermediate forms (Grass, Fire, and then Water), all at level 30, ensure you drop into the waterhole at the bottom - don’t drown! If you wish to avoid this, open up one of the trapdoors and glide around the waterhole. Otherwise, follow the pathway onto the main bridge crossing the river. You’re almost out of here!

You’re entering sacred ground. It’s relatively quiet around here. Ascend up the stairs on the right, and then down the stairs perpendicular. Then, follow the extensive winded pathway back down the mountain. You’re at the final stretch!

Walk along the higher ledge and drop down to find a Hyper Potion. Follow the main path to fight a dragon trainer [Wyvern(25), Grapnel(25)] - they are inherently stronger than regular trainers. Grab the Great Ball, head through the tunnel and drop down the ledge on the right. There is a hidden Rare Candy at the end of the path. Continue down the main pathway to fight another two keepers [Specixel(26), Specixel(26)], [Fienderago(27)]. Take the left turn and you’re at Palisade Town!

Palisade Town


Great Ball [$600]

Poké Ball [$200]

Potion [$300]

Super Potion [$700]

Hyper Potion [$1200]

Antidote [$100]

Paralyze Heal [$200]

Awakening [$250]

Burn Heal [$250]

Escape Rope [$550]

Repel [$350]

Super Repel [$500]

Your first stop, after the Pokémon Centre which is atop the hill near the entrance, is the Gym. A good tip for this town is to follow the pathways. The town isn’t exactly sitting on level ground. As you approach the Gym, which is adjacent to the town entrance, three Tempest punks will flee after noting your presence. The Gym is now open. The Gym of dragons.

There’s a short puzzle here involving the lighting of braziers in the correct sequence. Do not fall down as this will reset everything (so will exiting the Gym)! First, step on the glass block to the right. This will darken the room and create the first pathway leading to a trainer [Wyvern(25), Wyvern(25)]. Follow the path to the second glass block. Activate it by again standing on it. Ignore the new orange pathway and head back past the trainer behind you and activate the third brazier. Return to the second brazier, through the yellow pathway to activate the fourth one. Return to the first trainer and take the green pathway. Activate the brazier, return to the first trainer - take the orange path and then blue path to fight another trainer [Specixel(26), Specixel(26), Jitterizer(29), Fienderago(27)]. Continue past him to activate the second-to-final brazier, and then backtrack all the way to the first trainer. Take the red and then green pathway to meet the final trainer [Contretemps(26), Contretemps(26), Grapnel(29)]. Take the purple pathway around his right and follow the bridge to fire up the last brazier. The pathway will now light up for you to face the leader. If you wish, you may exit the Gym to heal your party, but you will have to redo the puzzle.

Walk up to the leader, Leader Josh. He’s not too difficult. Thunder Waves and Dragon-type moves should do the trick here. Even Ground-type moves will prove useful!

“The Professor arrived at Palisade three evenings ago. It is an unusual day, but comforting to know she is well. I am Josh, the dragon-specialist, disciplined and steadfast under the Nomad of Palisade. Pleasure.”

Leader Josh: Specixel LVL30; Wyvern LVL29; Grapnel LVL34; Fiendender LVL30; Dragifaere LVL33; Fienderago LVL36

Upon winning, he will give you the Talon Badge and TM68 GIGA IMPACT.

“The heavens have opened!”

“You have demonstrated divine qualities today. The Nomad will be proud. And this. This will aid in your quests.”

“TM68 is Giga Impact, a physically overwhelming, draining, but powerful charge. Use it sparingly as it can be very tiring on your party. Thank you for this humbling battle.”

Leave the Gym, heal, and then head west across the river on the far side, up the broken stairs. The Nomad’s temple is currently blocked - you need to find the professor.

Enter the large house right in front of you - it is now unlocked, and climb up to the top floor via two flights of stairs near the centre of the room. There is a HM06 Rock Smash near the eastern window. Collect the item and Professor Cedar will come running to you.

“Player! It’s so great to see you! You made it! Josh told me you had arrived. Come quickly! The Nomad is waiting.”

You will be transported to the temple’s final room where the Nomad is found with his back turned. A conversation of few words ensues resulting in Cedar delivering the Cobalt Flute to the Nomad for protection from Tempest goals. Cedar reflects on how history cannot repeat itself, as Suliqu’s contribution to the war had been unbinding the dead from the Distortion World so that they may fight in the battle as well.

“Nomad. Nomad of Palisade. Times are demanding. Suliqu inhabitants had once waged a destructive war unbinding the dead from Distortion. We cannot allow this history to repeat itself in the hands of unscrupulousness.”

“In the hands of Tempest, the Flute will once again unshackle Giltine from Distortion. Please bear this token and hide it away for the sake of our heavens and hells and all worlds binding.”

The Nomad accepts the flute, but then turns around to reveal itself as Melissa.

Nomad (Melissa): Thank you.

Cedar: ...The Nomad speaks?

Nomad (Melissa): You fool. I’ve known you for so many years, Cedar. Hide the Flute away deep in a temple where not a single ordinary soul would look? That’s a good one.

Cedar: Melissa…

Melissa: Except, I’m not ordinary.

Three more punks appear beside Melissa, the three you met just earlier guarding the front entrance of the Gym.

Melissa: You’re so predictable. I’ll tell you that I have this with me, the single weapon that will finally reunite those unrightfully fallen, I’m all yours.

Cedar: You still don’t have the Amethyst Flute.

Melissa: And how would you know? The Lighthouse. Come and get it.

Cedar: NO!

The Tempest punks will disappear, taking Cedar with them, leaving you alone (well, with Kaylene) to attempt to thwart their plans. You need the Amethyst Flute which releases the Legendary Terragon. Your goal is to now get to the Tempest Lighthouse (their base) as soon as possible - their base. Leave the Temple. There’s also a tiny wishing well in Palisade, but it’s a phony. Don’t waste your money in there!

Return to Mezzo Town

FLY to Mezzo Town for a useful TM! You will need to learn ROCK SMASH for this. Take the bridge ahead of the Pokémon Centre, and then the fork leading away to the right. Enter the cave entrance. Follow the pathway past the builder, over the water, and past the tunnel on the left that held the Flute Shard. Continue down the main path until you see a rock you can use ROCK SMASH on. Use it and take the ladder and winding staircase down. Cross the bridge and take the staircase back up. Climb the ladder and you will now be behind the Pokémon Centre. The tiny ledge on the right holds TM04 CALM MIND.

Route 20

FLY back to Monolith City and head back towards the Route 21 exit. However, instead of actually taking that exit, take the next right turn on the road. Enter the Allium Gardens and ROCK SMASH the stone obstacles to open the pathway. You’re entering frigid territory now.

Head down the stairs and make a quick u-turn on the left to grab TM14 BLIZZARD. Continue out of the tiny cave into the snowy mountains.

Mecheladon [Lv15]; V. Common

Plainolo [Lv22-23]; V. Common

Malicese [Lv23,25]; V. Common

Frosso [Lv25]; Common

Nymphador [Lv24]; S. Rare

Fiendler [Lv18-19]; Rare

Chillbit [Lv22-24]; Rare

Circumire [Lv26-27]; V. Rare

This route is effectively deserted due to the weather, but plenty of wild encounters exist that may be useful for the remainder of the game! There are no trainers on this route. For effective training, don’t forget to FLY to Monolith City and visit the fisherman!

Continue down the pathway but take a quick detour to the right just underneath the cobblestone pillar. Squeeze through to find a Hyper Potion in a tiny cave. Jump back over the fence on the left to return to the main pathway, past the tall grass. The brief cave opening on the right has an Ultra Ball. Continue walking down the path, over the ice formation. Pick up a Revive just underneath it. The opening on the left leads to a frozen waterfall, but nothing else really. Continue down the hill and collect an Elixir on the way. Before heading into the forest on the right which leads to Chalet Town, turn left through the tall grass to grab a Rare Candy and another Ultra Ball.

Head down the hill into the spruce forest. There are only two strangers in the entire route, and one wears a Mudkip mask. As soon as you encounter a fork in the road, turn left. The guy is on the right. He’s pretty lonely.

Follow the pathway until you reach Chalet Town!

Chalet Town


Great Ball [$600]

Poké Ball [$200]

Potion [$300]

Super Potion [$700]

Hyper Potion [$1200]

Antidote [$100]

Paralyze Heal [$200]

Awakening [$250]

Burn Heal [$250]

Escape Rope [$550]

Repel [$350]

Super Repel [$500]

Remember those Nuggets you’ve been collecting on the way? You can get TM50 OVERHEAT here. The pathway out of Chalet Town into Route 22 is blocked for now. You’ll need to execute an event to exit. Again, heal at the Pokémon Centre on the western side of Chalet Town if you need to.

The Move ‘Tutor’ lives in the house directly opposite the Chalet entrance (the building with the elegant entrance). Head inside and go upstairs to trade with him - three Nuggets for TM50. You may trade with him whenever and however many times you wish! Leave the house and go straight to the Gym - Ice/Normal type. It is multi-layered and can get a bit annoying if you get lost underground.

Drop down the ladder. If you wish to return to the surface at any time, press the button to your left. Follow the pathway and slide through the ice path (the correct path to take is on the right). Fight the trainer to your left [Glissadiaur(28)]. Cross the bridge and turn right (the leader is on your left, but the path is blocked for now; note that if you leave the Gym at any time, the blockade will reappear). Turn left, up the stairs, and left to find another trainer [Frigitice(29)]. Follow the path around and drop down the hole. You are now on the other side of the fence. Turn left and follow the ice bridges.

First, turn left and take the ladder down. Continue straight and fight a third trainer [Permagin(27), Permagin(27), Permagin(30)]. Sprint across the disappearing bridge ahead. If you fall and are unlucky to miss the bridge below, take the stairs around the back and follow the pathway around to the ladder back up. Otherwise, continue across the bridge and take the ladder up. Pull the lever to open up the pathway to the leader (and another shortcut). Take the ladder up, fight the last trainer [Frigitice(29), Frigitice(29), Glissadiaur(28), Frigitice(29)]. Drop down the ledge, turn right, and enter through the open fence, the shortcut. Head straight across the bridge. You’re finally able to battle Leader Jerry!

“We don’t have much time. I sense an unusual presence approaching as we speak. And another energy form building in the mountains. Let’s cut to the chase. This town was once a warm and serene getaway. It is now frozen in an arcane wintery blast. But together, we still stand. My name is Jerry, the Leader of Chalet Town. Please accept this request for battle.”

Leader Jerry: Glissadiaur LVL28; Permafloe LVL33; Caniculus LVL35; Briller LVL38; Mediander LVL37; Crystallix LVL42

Some heavy Fire-type moves will be handy here and Rock-types will take care of Crystallix. Upon winning, he will give you the Typic Badge and TM87 SWAGGER.

“You won this fair and square.”

“Although snow has blanketed the town, we have learnt to adapt and make this place home.”

“This TM is Swagger, a move that raises your foe’s attack, but leaves them confused. It’s a dangerous weapon. … What was that..?!”

Immediately after the conclusion of battle, you will hear a rumbling noise and church bells above ground. Exit the Gym and heal first.

Route 22

Exit Chalet Town just around the left side of the Gym. Approach the blue fire block and the Legendary Ternion will appear for a moment. The blue fire will disperse, allowing you to pass. Ternion will turn back to Chalet and then flee towards the mountains. Follow it.

Drop down the left cave entrance to grab an Elixir. The opening on the right leads to an abandoned property with a Max Potion. You are now entering ‘Tempest’ territory. Some areas will look very familiar to you casting you back to events that occurred early in the game.

Daeioldon [Lv24-25]; V. Common

Bolstern [Lv27-29]; V. Common

Venin [Lv27-29]; V. Common

Clarivoyanzer [Lv28-30]; Common

Spiritear [Lv31]; Common

Virago [Lv29-30]; Rare

As you approach the frozen arch entrance with the Tempest flag hanging above, carefully step over to the left and you will find a hidden Rare Candy on the polished andesite. Past the archway is a fork. Enter the house on the left side of the fork to find a Great Ball behind the sink.

Across the bridge is a Revive, and there is a hidden Revive just on the tiny accessible snow patch on the right side beside the tree. ROCK SMASH to proceed down the path, collecting an Ultra Ball inside the ice tunnel.

The route is now clear and unusually quiet, up into the hills where a strong Tempest Administrator awaits. Grab the Hyper Potion and head towards the dead end path. ROCK SMASH any boulders that get in the way and navigate around the ice formation (it’s really just a forced path and not much of a maze). Turn left up the hill to face the stingy Tempest Admin, a VERY difficult fight [Howlinger(43), Jitterizer(40), Grapnel(43), Virago(45), Gruntrot(44), Fienderago(46)]. Not much to say here – he’s tough. Some Revives might be handy, and luckily some of his Pokémon are weak, defensively. Use a Speed advantage with some Ice-type moves. If you defeat him, you can use the VS Seeker to re-battle for some good experience!

Skip around the trainer. Near the exit, turn right to find an Escape Rope hidden inside a little room. Proceed up the mountain, through the Tempest flags and you will soon notice an area rather familiar. The recording studio, abandoned at the start of the timeline - the attack seen on TV. It is, in fact, the entrance into the Tempest Base. Leave it for now. Keep moving up the mountain, make a u-turn just on the left of the exit. On the ledge is an Ultra Ball. Exit and move up the stone pathway into the lighthouse (the view up here is great!). Enter the lighthouse and walk up the stairs. Push the lever at the top, and here we go.

The door to the Tempest Base is now open. Exit the lighthouse and return to the broadcasting area. Enter the opened doorway and pathfind around the left of the train wreckage. Enter the gateway into the hidden/secret Tempest Base.

Tempest Station

If you have Dig or some Escape Ropes, use them now, or FLY to Chalet Town if you need to heal. The doorway will remain open.

Enter the church. Many eyes will be seen, including Jason and Melissa. Walk up to the end of the aisle to be greeted by Mathers, Kaylene, and Cedar, the latter two of which have been held captive. Mathers will speak.

“You’re too late. You imbecile. Even if this...charming professor tipped you off that last second, it meant nothing. Nothing! You’re just as naive as the rest of them! The dead shall walk again! Your loved ones...your mother! If you were given a chance, wouldn’t you want to see her again? You have that chance. Never mind. … Who am I? Mathers. I’m Mathers. And thanks for this. It’s exactly what I wanted to see. Are you ready? You won’t believe your eyes for a second.”

Mathers will summon Giltine LVL75 and initiate a battle with you. Be prepared for some hurt [Move Set: Boomburst, Psychic, Air Slash, Draco Meteor]! If you lose the fight, you’ll be required to fight again. And did I mention hurt? Blizzards and Dragon-type moves will be necessary, with some Confuse Rays for self-infliction. That HP is high. Even switching Giltine off with some paralysis and sleep. Just gotta hit him first before he gets you with his move set… After the battle, Mathers will complain about an off-feeling regarding Giltine’s power and where its loyalty rests, and sends Jason and Melissa off to Ursire Chamber free the remaining Legendary, Terragon, in an attempt to restore its balance and ensure the restoration of human life once. They acquiesce but in the process, drop the Amethyst Flute which is required to summon the Legendary.

Mathers: No, this cannot be. Giltine clearly wasn’t at its strongest. It was distracted. Maybe it just needs time. Something’s missing. Jason! Melissa!

Jason: Yes, boss?

Mathers: What’s the matter with you two? Get going, now!

Melissa: Are you s-sure, boss?

Mathers: We need him. And we can get him now!

Melissa: Terragon? We don’t want to enrage him. Giltline has been released. I thought you didn’t -

Mathers: Did I stutter? Take the Amethyst Flute and go! NOW!

Jason: To Ursire? But why?

Melissa: I don’t think this is wise, boss. Didn’t we -

Mathers (banishing them): Expendable lot. No matter, I have the Cobalt Flute with me. I shall revive the fallen in due time. He is under MY command now, and MINE alone. … Giltine? What in God’s name..? What on Earth is going on?!

Giltine flees to Halfwind Island to Mathers’ disbelief. He follows, allowing you to free the captured duo and pick up the dropped Amethyst Flute (however, this Item is in fact redundant in the game as you will soon see. Stealing it was all you needed to do to prevent any further harm). Kaylene, petrified but relieved, and Cedar approach you. Cedar gives you the remaining HM02 SURF.

“My goodness, Player. I’ thankful. I knew you’d come through! My, you’ve grown so much. (thunder) It’s not over. Player, you’ll need this to get across the sea.

“I’m going to take Kaylene home. I think she’s seen enough... Player, I believe in you. Take the fight to them. You can do it, Player. You can do it.”

You will be moved back out of the base and the door will shut, preventing you from accessing the base ever again. FLY back to Chalet Town, heal, and leave for Terraloon Sea - the weather will clear for now.

Returning to Route 22 and Terraloon Sea

Terraloon Sea will be quite the peaceful path. Exit Chalet Town towards Route 22. Despite the partial fallout of Tempest, the wild remains unchanged.

Daeioldon [Lv24-25]; V. Common

Bolstern [Lv27-29]; V. Common

Venin [Lv27-29]; V. Common

Clarivoyanzer [Lv28-30]; Common

Spiritear [Lv31]; Common

Virago [Lv29-30]; Rare

Turn right towards the sea just underneath the arch into Terraloon. When transported to the pier (to exit, simply turn around), search the missing fence to find a Revive. Note that the water is constantly freezing.

If you do not have anyone who can learn SURF, now is a good time to start fishing. Otherwise, begin SURFing, hugging the left wall. Soon, you will encounter a (the) happy fisherman (remember his sad counterpart back in Monolith City?). He’s a little stronger than his cousin, using a powerful BLULISILER at Level 60. Again, make sure you come back to this guy for some battling experience! SURF around the outside to find a Max Potion. Continue SURFing along the left wall to hit another piece of land with a Nugget. You can now sell these, by the way, unless you want more TM50s. Some land you encounter are actually empty, so don’t worry if you find some islands that are actually purposeless. However, find an island near the left wall with a distinctive stone spike as its peak for a Rare Candy. SURF down the current ahead (to get back over the current, use the pathway on the northern side - you’ll need to use ROCK SMASH). Halfwind Island is right ahead.

Not much to explore along the the right wall of Terraloon Sea. The water is a bit shallow there. Just an Antidote near the beginning of the route. Otherwise, ensure you’re healed up and then head straight out to Halfwind Island.

Halfwind Island


Great Ball [$600]

Ultra Ball [$1200]

Super Potion [$700]

Hyper Potion [$1200]

Antidote [$100]

Revive [$200]

Escape Rope [$550]

Super Repel [$500]

Back up your world right before docking at Halfwind Island. As soon as you enter the island, you will encounter Giltine (now LVL 100, [Move Set: Boomburst, Confuse Ray, Air Slash, Draco Meteor]) and Mathers again. Mathers details the strange behavioural inconsistencies of Giltine before fighting you again.

“You can’t escape me, Player! Come back here! You can’t run! Yes, I feel its power. It’s yearning something. Anguish! Of course! Why wouldn’t it? It’s your turn.”

This time, losing is possible, however you will not receive the Master Ball. If you lose, FLY back to Halfwind Island. Otherwise, fight and defeat Giltine for a second time and it will flee to Ursire. While he has gotten stronger, he’s also lost an HP-dealing move for Confuse Ray. Use this to your advantage to land a status-inducing move. Upon winning, Giltine will escape. Don’t go after it yet. Instead, Mathers will have a guilty word with you.

“No. Giltine! No. No. No. What have I done?! What have I done, Player?… Is it true? About Arceus? Is he here? Is this why Giltine’s mad? … Get away from me. No, go away. Tell Melissa in Ursire to stay away too. And Jason. Everyone! I can’t...focus… All of you!

After he flees, frightened, pick up the Master Ball he dropped. SURF from the pier and dismount around the left side of Halfwind Island (near the Poké Ball window behind the Gym). Sneak around the left to grab a Rare Candy.

Trumps [Lv28-30]; V. Common

Pyraiz [Lv1]; V. Rare

Hivani [Lv1]; V. Rare

You’re now ready to visit the Gym. Heal and approach the Gym, the building just east of the pier.

There is a slime block puzzle here! Parkour too hard for you? That’s a yes for me. This puzzle is just irritating. TIP: Use a Bike… Jump down the glass tube on the right, sliding down the vines below. Firstly, fall into the slime block in the red mushroom and propel yourself to the platform ahead and above. Climb up the vine and fight the first trainer [Crassall(35)]. Fall onto the same slime block and proceed to the stone brick platform with the second trainer [Miasmar(34)]. Climb up the stairs into the red mushroom room and bounce off the slime block you just passed onto the platform against the wall on the left side. Climb the vines and head onto the stairs. Jump onto the slime block on the north-western corner (behind you) and enter the cave opening in the wall. Fight the third trainer [Crassall(35), Crassall(35)] and climb up the vine. Jump onto the slime block on the brown mushroom and land on the red mushroom. Proceed across to the fourth trainer [Drabber(36), Venin(34), Venin(34)]. Climb the vine and then up the stairs to fight the final trainer [Branbar(33), Branbar(33), Branbar(33), Branbar(33), Branbar(33)]. Bounce off the slime directly underneath you and climb the wall of vines. Follow the pathway up until you see Leader Jesse.

“I know you. A good friend of mine lives in Verdure Town. She informed me of the arrival of a strong soul. We’re green thumbs, although I’ve taken the liberty of departing slightly from the garden. Her name? Louise. You fought and won against her. I won’t be as easy.”

Leader Jesse: Drabber LVL36; Miasmar LVL34; Sanskorp LVL42; Thoristican LVL38; Grapnel LVL43; Grapnel LVL43

He’s not too difficult now that you have HM02 Fly. Upon winning, he will give you the Venom Badge and TM22 SOLAR BEAM (which exhibits a different behaviour in this game).

“Louise was right… You are a force.”

“Also this.”

“Solar Beam, a strong Grass-type move, but can miss occasionally. I don’t use it, personally. Take it. There’s a strong evil just across the shores in Ursire. You may need this one.”

Exit the Gym by heading down the tube on the right. Heal, and then approach the far southern side of the island. Traverse through the tall grass and head into the bunker. Go upstairs into the bedroom to find three Ultra Balls. You will need some of them as you move into Ursire Chamber. Return downstairs and then right, down another flight of stairs. Enter the room to find an Elixir.

You will need to return to Halfwind for the lab. For now, head towards the helicopter and SURF forward, hugging the left wall. Enter the tiny cave (be careful when dismounting from SURF!) to fight the Amethyst Trainer [Fienderago(46), Crystallix(46)]. Again, fight him endlessly with the Vs Seeker!

Exit the cave and head left, collecting a Max Potion just on the nearby island. Avoid the wave and move around to the left until you reach Ursire Chamber.

Ursire Chamber

Melissa and Jason will be waiting, while Giltine blocks the entrance into the chamber. You’ll need to fight him one last time, although he has weakened significantly, and now he’s catchable!

Now’s a good time to back up your world. Take as many swipes at it. It may not be wise to use your Master Ball right away.

Approach the duo when you’re ready to take on LVL50 Giltine; they are now seeking your assistance. It seems their obsequious ways have met an end.

Melissa: Player...

Jason: Player, we’re… Please...

Defeat or catch Giltine (beware of that Confuse Ray). After the battle is over, approach the duo one last time where they finally repent.

Jason: Melissa… Melissa, what do you make of this?

Melissa: …

Jason: Melissa, it’s all right. It’s over.

Melissa: …

Jason: Melissa?

Melissa: I don’t know, Jason. I’m...just lost at this point. We’ve been battling and battling every day. Sycophants. Lousy. Following orders. We felt alone. Then the world turned upside-down. It was all so hectic… I really don’t know what to think.

Jason: Um. Player. An apology won’t mean anything. No words can express how I...we....feel right now. You have every right to take us in to the Serenity station. I’ll take good care of Melissa. Punishment to the extent -

Melissa: No..! Player, there’s something you must know. Giltine’s gone. Mathers is gone. You have a right to know something now… … Player…

The screen will turn black for a few seconds, obscuring the message Melissa was attempting to deliver. You will wake up outside the Serenity station and indirectly receive Melissa’s Veil, a testament of hope (she’s passed away). You can use it to capture Malfa post-game, but more importantly, for Route 19 later. FLY back to Ursire. Ride the elevator at the back to enter the chamber.


Great Ball [$600]

Ultra Ball [$200]

Super Potion [$700]

Hyper Potion [$1200]

Revive [$200]

Escape Rope [$550]

Super Repel [$500]

Full Heal [$600]

To describe this place as a maze is an understatement. Ursire Chamber is really just a study station, or an underground laboratory. It’s fairly restrictive and...disciplined if you think about it.

Time to get the fossil (remember the message you received in Verdure Town?). In this game, you have roughly a 25% chance of obtaining the Lens Fossil and a 75% chance of obtaining the Engrave Fossil. Firstly, turn right, left, left, and then left once more to reach the lab (at the end of the tube) with the fossil. Collect the Random Fossil on the right side of the lab, and exit. You’ll need to visit Halfwind Island to revive it, but we’ll worry about that later.

After exiting the lab and travel all the way to the opposite end of the tube. Enter the cabin on the left, climb the ladder and enter the second room on left to find a Fresh Water, because in this game, we endorse stealing (we really don’t! Don’t do it.).

Exit the cabin and turn left at the main intersection. Locating the Pokémon Centre isn’t easy here, but from the intersection head straight up, passing the ‘end portal’ attracting the Unowns. Remember this place! Temporarily turn right into another lab just ahead to find an Ultra Ball. Return to the main path, sidestepping the elevator. The Pokémon Centre is just at the end, to the right. Heal if necessary, stack up on Ultra Balls and then exit.

Time to catch Terragon! Return to the end portal. Move to the centre and you’ll be taken to the shrine. Use FLASH if you have to. It’s quite dark in here. To leave, just move towards the edge of the mouth and you’ll be transported to a cabin adjacent to the portal. Take the stairs all the way to the top to find Terragon LVL50. Don’t even approach him until you’re absolutely certain you can catch/take him down!

When you’re done with him, exit back into the tubes and heal if necessary. Exit the Pokémon Centre and approach the end portal intersection again (do not enter it though). Turn left and enter the ‘elevator’ tube. Ride the ladder up - it’s a pretty good view, right? For an underwater cavern.

At the end of the tube is a Full Heal in the dark. Turn left to find another elevator. Ride the ladder up. Exit, turn left, and head to the Gym!

There’s no puzzle here, just a simple pathway up towards the leader: [Dousiler(36)], [Glissadiaur(35)], [Santrikos(38)], and [Cromadillo(49)]. You technically don’t even need to fight half of these trainers. Approach the leader at the front! She uses only three Pokémon in her team, albeit still strong!

“We don’t see a lot of new faces down here. It’s all clockwork, day and night. Research. Rest. It’s all the same. We’re trained to remain steadfast, tenacious, and resolute. I’m not like other Gym Leaders in Suliqu. I use only three Pokémon. Whether you’re doing the same is none of my concern. I’m determined to win either way.”

Leader Neptune: Santrikos LVL51; Cromadillo LVL49; Blulisiler LVL51

Upon winning, she will give you the Typhoon Badge and TM79 FROST BREATH (which, like SOLAR BEAM, exhibits a different behaviour in this game).

“I admit defeat.”

“I didn’t use this, but as a gift to you for winning...”

“There aren’t many new visitors to this domain. Perhaps I should consider opening the roof to this chamber. I hear the weather is lovely.”

You’re done here! Exit Ursire Chamber and FLY back to Halfwind Island. You can technically battle the trainers outside of Mount Recoup, but you won’t have access to the League until you’ve won the last badge. For the sake of chronology, we’ll pass on Mount Recoup for now.

Halfwind Island


Great Ball [$600]

Ultra Ball [$1200]

Super Potion [$700]

Hyper Potion [$1200]

Antidote [$100]

Revive [$200]

Escape Rope [$550]

Super Repel [$500]

Well, you’re back here now! Visit the Pokémon Centre or catch some Pokémon, but otherwise, your port of call is the Halfwind Lab.

Trumps [Lv28-30]; V. Common

Pyraiz [Lv1]; V. Rare

Hivani [Lv1]; V. Rare

From the Pokémon Centre, turn right until you reach the Halfwind Lab. Approach the computer on the right side of the room with the Poké Ball carpet. After a few seconds, you will receive Archai (if you have the Lens Fossil) or Malicorith (if you have the Engrave Fossil), both at level 1. Get training, or store it in your PC. Now you’re finally done with Halfwind Island! FLY to Verdure Town.

Verdure Town to Route 18


Poké Ball [$200]

Potion [$300]

Antidote [$100]

Paralyze Heal [$200]

Awakening [$250]

Burn Heal [$250]

Escape Rope [$550]

Repel [$350]

Heal or buy anything you need. There’s really nothing here for you. Exit Verdure Town into Pithin Path.

Oinklet [Lv5-7]; V. Common

Lupus [Lv5-7]; V. Common

Katlin [Lv5-7]; V. Common

Rocleff [Lv7-8]; Common

If you haven’t caught the Glissadiaur behind the tree yet, do so now. Otherwise, move forward towards the junction into the now open Route 19.

Route 19

The fences are now gone! Thanks to Melissa’s Veil, you can proceed through the dispersed sandstorm. It’s still relatively bad, but you may now proceed.

Vultara [Lv34]; V. Common

Chrall [Lv33-34]; Common

Conflar [Lv24-25]; Common

Sanskorp [Lv36-38]; Rare

Fangdrawl [Lv20]; V. Rare

Bibbo [Lv15]; V. Rare

Head forward through the arch and turn right to grab a hidden Rare Candy underneath the shelter - it’s against the wall. Turn left and hug the left wall to find an Ultra Ball on the far western side of Route 19. Continue hugging the left wall until you reach another corner with a segmented pattern of tall grass. There is a Hyper Potion in the corner behind the crates. Exit and on the left ledge, climb up a level to find an Elixir. Return to the intersection with the tall grass and take the right exit until you find a Super Repel. Return to the main intersection and take the northern exit.

Go through the underpass and turn right, through the patch of tall grass. On the ledge on the right, you will find a Poké Ball. Climb the hill ahead and take the bridge across. Follow the winding pathway, collecting a Revive along the way. Enter the house ahead, taking the staircase up to a Rare Candy. Exit the house to collect a Fresh Water, and then leave to Lazimar City just ahead, taking the ladders down from the balconies above!

Lazimar City


Great Ball [$600]

Ultra Ball [$1200]

Super Potion [$700]

Hyper Potion [$1200]

Revive [$200]

Escape Rope [$550]

Super Repel [$500]

Full Heal [$600]

Welcome to Lazimar City! From the entrance, head straight - the Pokémon Centre is just to the left.

Despite the sheer size of this place, there isn’t much to do here other than fight the Gym Leader and talk to a few NPCs. If you’d like to have a nice view of Lazimar, take the second left from the entrance - talk to the person just underneath the tunnel adjacent to the carpark. From the Pokémon Centre, turn right past the radio tower until you reach the Gym!

The Lazimar Gym is an electric-type gym, so it's only fitting that it should be a redstone puzzle! The Gym is divided into a series of platforms, with each platform having a different puzzle. If you fall down, you’ll need to restart the journey and some puzzles may have to be redone.

The first platform has a simple AND gate: both inputs must be on to turn on the output. Pull both levers, and the projector (a sandstone-looking block with redstone dust on it) will activate. Walk across the bridge and fight the first trainer [Karnivora(42)]. Notice that pistons are white, resembling iron blocks. The second platform requires that you burn out the redstone torch underneath. Flick the lever on and off as fast as you can - after a few seconds, the torch will burn out. As soon as this happens, toggle the same lever until you see the projector just ahead of you turn on. Two bridges will be created. Immediately take the newly created, slightly occluded, bridge right ahead of you back to the first platform (before the torch turns on again). Toggle the switch closest to you; it is needed for the next platform. Go back across the bridge, repeat the above process if necessary, and walk across to the second new platform on the left.

Fight the second trainer [Santrikos(38), Santrikos(38)]. Afterwards, flick the lever and press the button and swiftly walk across the bridge.

The trick on this platform is to move the red sandstone beneath you using the lever and button so it is positioned in front of the comparator next to its original position. Firstly, press the button and while the block is outwards, flip the lever. It will stick to the piston controlled by the lever. Secondly, activate and deactivate the lever quickly (on and off nearly instantaneously). Sticky pistons have a quirk that makes them release the block if they are only powered and unpowered very quickly. If you do this fast enough, the block should detach. Lastly, press the button and run up to the sand - it will push you upwards. If you don't make it to the sand in time, repeat the above process until you succeed.

Next, press the button in the corner, and then immediately the button near the centre. Sprint across to the next platform (this might be a little tricky at first) and proceed up the piston elevator. Press the button while standing on the piston (try situating yourself in the middle of both blocks if this doesn’t work for you).

The upper ring has three more puzzles. Turn left, fight the trainer [Currizerier(30), Currizerier(30), Currizerier(30), Currizerier(30), Currizerier(30)], and then approach the piston secured to the ground. Get as far away as possible from the button on the ledge as you can while still being able to press it. Press it and sprint towards the piston. If you are fast enough you should be lifted onto the next level.

The next puzzle concerns the maintenance of a redstone pulse produced by a wooden button. Press the wooden button just around the bend, then sprint to the end, pressing the first and second button - the third button will kill the pulse, so do not press it. The yellow block at the end should descend. Proceed and fight the second last trainer [Karnivora(42), Santrikos(38)].

This last area simply requires you to sprint quickly across the tripwire. Do so and fight the final trainer [Nymphador(45)]. That’s it! Fight the leader!

“You made it this far - incredible. You’re among the elite, and I hold the final badge between you and the ultimate successors. I am Jay, and my team possesses enough strength to power the entire city of Lazimar. You’ve been warned, though you don’t look too worried. Good. What’s that? I look like a Luxray? Why, thank you.”

Leader Jay: Jitterizer LVL40; Santrikos LVL 51; Syrein LVL51; Nymphador LVL45; Currizerier LVL50; Joulitterial LVL55

Without a doubt the most difficult Gym Leader of the eight. His variation is great. Ground and Rock-types are well protected by this. Also be cautious around paralysis-inducing moves. Your best bet is a gradual grind with Dragons since they’re resistant, however you’ll need a plan against Nymphador. Upon winning, he will give you the Shock Badge and TM93 WILD CHARGE.

“You’ve done it.”

“You’re different. You’re unique. You’re unlike anyone I’ve battled before.”

“Wild Charge - be careful with it. It can backfire, but oftentimes, it’s really worth the risk. There’ll be plenty of risks where you’re going. All the best at Mount Recoup. You’ll need it.”

Jump down the ladder. Approach the first platform and climb up the ladder to exit the Gym. Heal up - you’re done here. FLY back to Ursire Chamber! You’re ready to face the League!!

Returning to Ursire Chamber


Great Ball [$600]

Ultra Ball [$1200]

Super Potion [$700]

Hyper Potion [$1200]

Revive [$200]

Escape Rope [$550]

Super Repel [$500]

Full Heal [$600]

SURF outwards and towards the dams in the north. There is a staircase on the eastern end. Climb up the stairs and resume SURFing. Turn left and SURF along the right wall until you reach the island with the obsidian archways. Welcome to Mount Recoup!

Mount Recoup/Pokémon League

The League will be blocked off until all eight badges are obtained - which you should have by now! Walk up the stairs, facing three trainers along the way, all with teams of three: [Glissadiaur(35), Currizerier(50), Howlinger(43)], [Miasmar(34), Karnivora(42), Fienderago(46)], [Thoristican(38), Crystallix(46), Sanskorp(42)]. These trainers might prove useful with your VS Seeker.

Walk past them and then up to the entrance. There is a small patch of tall grass to the right that you can access by CUTting the tree. There are some very strong wild Pokémon here for you and a Rare Candy!

Kasainu [Lv38-44]; V. Common

Dragifaere [Lv41,43]; V. Rare

Ovy [Lv26]; V. Rare

Enter Mount Recoup - it’s just a volcano dividing the League and the mainland. While this is a maze, it’s really not too difficult if you use your innate sense of navigation. If you have FLASH, use it right now. Firstly, turn left and follow the pathway down the a Max Potion. Return to the entrance and take the other pathway forward. Take the stairs on the left until you reach a fairly large opening. Take the steep obsidian stairway up on the left. It winds around a bit - continue past the hole in the ground until you reach an opening with three possible pathways.

The path on the left is a dead end, so don’t waste your time there. The brief path in the middle rewards you with TM80 LANDSLIDE, a new, powerful Rock-type move that can cause flinching! The path on the right has a Revive.

Backtrack all the way to the beginning of the winding pathway. This time, take the path on the right (it would be on your left going down the stairs). From here, follow any pathway - they both lead to the same place. When you reach another decline, take the right path momentarily to obtain an Elixir. Then, enter the left opening in the wall. You’re nearly out!

Take the path on the right and turn around the corner. Follow the pathway and climb up the ladders. This might take a bit of acrobatics. Once you’re at the top, collect the Rare Candy in the corner, and enjoy the view. For a moment. Reflect.

When you’re done, return downstairs and exit Mount Recoup ahead, around the lava-fall. You’re ready to face the Elite Four! Head over to the gate which will grant you access.


Ultra Ball [$1200]

Hyper Potion [$1200]

Max Potion [$2500]

Revive [$200]

Super Repel [$500]

Full Heal [$600]

Heal first, and do any other shenanigans you want. At any point, you can FLY out of the League, but your progress will be reset. If you want exit right now, you must use FLY. Otherwise, when you’re ready, step on the pressure places to open the doors! You can battle the Elite Four in any order. They’re not too challenging – take your time! If you feel you’re under-levelled, make sure you run as many status-inducing moves. Good luck!

ELITE FOUR Kiran: Glazer LVL53; Blulisiler LVL 51; Dragifaere LVL56; Permafloe LVL53; Santrikos LVL51; Crystallix LVL59

ELITE FOUR Charlie: Cebraral LVL55; Malfa LVL 50; Drabber LVL55; Foaross LVL57; Virago LVL60; Meshuge LVL60

ELITE FOUR Jacob: Sandsylph LVL53; Nymphador LVL 54; Viginoro LVL55; Permafloe LVL53; Sparkfaere LVL60; Lunalium LVL60

ELITE FOUR Housand: Cragraunt LVL56; Currizerier LVL 50; Magnamic LVL55; Wyvern LVL57; Laviandal LVL58; Fienderago LVL60

Once you defeat all four, proceed through the open gate at the end of the League (behind the Fire-type Elite), and you will face…Mum! That’s right! She’s “alive”!

You: Mother.

Mum: Ready, my dear?

CHAMPION Mum: Foaross LVL57; Dragifaere LVL 56; Cluckalor LVL70; Syrein LVL62; Fienderago LVL60; Crystallix LVL68

After winning, Mum will say a few words.

“My dear. Look up. Why are you so sad? After all of this? I know, honey. There was so much pain. I thought it was all over. But fear is nothing you should be afraid of. It’s the path you take when you are afraid that defines you. My dear… This shall always exist as a memory. As a legacy. I' happy for you. You did it... Player... You did it.”

You’ve done it! The game isn’t over yet though. After the credits roll, you will resume at your home.


Before this game ‘officially concludes’, you have some Legendaries to catch! You’ll need to heal first from the League fight.

Firstly, fly to Mezzo. From the Pokémon Centre exit, turn left into a cave. From there, turn left and proceed down the pathway, past one NPC, then left around the bend past emerald blocks. Take the next left turn one more time and drop down a ledge. Exit the cave and you will find Malfa!

Next, take the chairlift ride from Monolith to Palisade. Sitting against the acacia tree next to the chairlift hut is Cluckalor! He knows Psychic, but will forget it when you catch him (like the true genius Cluckalor is!).

Lastly, at Palisade Town, head to the hill on the opposite side of the town. Climb the stairs up, and take the bridge on the left side. Follow the pathway around the bend on the right to find the Cobalt Legendary, Ternion!

And that’s it! You’re free to do whatever you wish now. Battle the Pokémon League as many times as you wish! Catch them all! Have fun!!