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The website is finally up!
Posted by Fizzy - Feb. 16, 2017

The website is finally up!


Hi! We are happy to announce that the website is finally ready! There's now a simple way to check out our projects and to get official updates and information about us. The structure of the website is pretty simple:

Main Website

  • Homepage
    The first thing that you'll see is the current big active project. Right now, it displays a link to the page for the Pokémon Cobalt & Amethyst project, which was released just two weeks ago. You can also read the latest articles and check out a simple list of all the team members.
  • Blog
    The blog allows us to communicate official information, share updates, ideas, etc. You can check out every single article there.
  • Team
    Here you can learn more about all the members of the team, what we do and how each of us contributes to projects.

In addition to these general pages, we created a few extra ones for the Pokémon Cobalt & Amethyst project! You'll be able to find the full Pokédex of the Suliqu region, the official walkthrough and the download page with tips and tricks to optimize your experience:

Pokémon Cobalt & Amethyst

  • Homepage
    The homepage provides a description as well as an introduction to the map. It also gives you some background information about the development process of the map. From there, you can access the download link, the credits and a few useful online resources.
  • Pokédex
    The Pokédex references all the Pokémon that you can find in-game. You can search and look for any particular Pokémon.
  • Walkthrough
    Check out the walkthrough if you're confused about something. Each section has its own link so you can easily go back to where you stopped.
  • Download
    Here you will find the official download link to the Pokémon Cobalt & Amethyst map. Make sure to read the requirements.

Anyway, thanks for reading! :D

Have fun!
-The Phoenix Projects team